BCCN/ICCN Berlin Alumni Workshop 2022

The BCCN/ICCN Berlin cordially invite alumni, current students and members to join the BCCN/ICCN Berlin Alumni Workshop in June 2022.


Preliminary Program:

Friday, June 24
12:30 Registration with refreshments/small snack
13:00 Official Opening, Welcome
  Michael Brecht, Klaus Obermayer
Session I Chair: Klaus Obermayer
13:15 Keynote Lecture: "Uncertainty-modulated prediction errors in cortical microcircuits.”, Katharina Wilmes, Universität Bern
14:00 Short Talk: „Starting an open source NLP company”, Timo Möller, Deepset
14:20 SPEED Dating
15:15 Coffee break
Session II Session "Career inside outside university"
16:00 Flashlight – Academia; 3 short talks (Marcel Stimberg, Mayar Ali, Felix Biesmann)
16:15 Flashlight – Industry; 3 short talks (Nikolay Chenkov, Roberta Evangelista, Valentin Hänel)
16:30 Panel discussion – Careers within and outside university, moderated by Robert Martin
18:00 Reception/Dinner
Saturday, June -25
Session III Chair: Natalie Schieferstein
10:00 Alumni Talk: „Simulation-based inference for Computational Neuroscience and Beyond”, Jan Boelts, Universität Tübingen
10:30 Alumni Talk: „Flexible integration of sensory evidence in perceptual decision making”, Klaus Wimmer, CRM Barcelona
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Keynote Lecture: Thalamocortical interactions for cognitive computations, Jorge Jamillo, European Neuroscience Institute, Göttingen
12.15 Alumni Talk Academia/Business: “From Aerodynamics to metamaterials: How the Swiss Data Science Center creates synergies between domain and data science", Christian Donner, Swiss Data Science
12:45 Poster Session and Lunch Buffet
14:00 Workshop “Similarities and differences between art and science” - an open dialogue (in collaboration with EDGE e.V. - blurring the borders between Art and Neuroscience)
Moderation: Benjamin Staude
Session IV Chair: tba
15:30 Current student's talk: “Experiments on CA1 ripples by optogenetic stimulation of PV cells”, Anna Toro, BCCN Berlin
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Alumni Talk: “Another world is possible - The gap between academia & industry & the world to come”, Paola Suárez, Thoughtworks
17:00 Alumni Talk: “A philosophical approach to explainable AI”, Céline Budding, Eindhoven University
17:30 Short Feedback and Closing
20:00 Dinner and/or Night out for those who are interested


This is an BCCN/ICCN Berlin event only for BCCN alumni and for BCCN/ICCN Berlin members. Registration is closed now, we cannot accept further participants.


Location: BCCN Berlin, lecture hall, Philippstr. 13 Haus 6, 10115 Berlin

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