BCCN/ICCN Berlin and GRK Alumni Workshop 2022

We are looking forward to this second meeting with former students, PhDs, postdocs and professors. As participants of the last alumni workshop in 2019 desired, we chose a Friday-Saturday format.


Preliminary Program:

Friday, March 25
12:30 Registration with refreshments/small snack
13:00 Official Opening, Welcome
  Michael Brecht, Klaus Obermayer
13:15 Keynote Lecture: „PhD, Postdoc or Prof-Alumni”
14.15 SPEED Dating
15:15 Coffee break
  Session "Career inside outside university"
16:00 FlashlightAcademia; 3 short alumni talks
16:15 FlashlightIndustry; 3 short alumni talks
16:30 Panel discussion – Careers within and outside university with Flashlight participants, Moderation: tba
18:00 Reception/Dinner
Saturday, March 26
10:00 Current student's talk: Science
10:30 Alumni talk: Science
11.00 Coffee and Snack
11:30 Keynote Lecture: PhD, Postdoc or Prof-Alumni”
11:45 Alumni talk: Business
12:15 Poster Session and Lunch Buffet
13:30 Workshop – tba
15:00 Current student's talk:
15:30 Coffee break
16:15 Alumni talk: Business
16:45 Alumni talk: Science
17:15 Alumni Talk: Science
17:45 Closing
20:00 Dinner and/or Night out for those who are interested


This is an BCCN/ICCN Berlin event only for BCCN alumni and for BCCN/ICCN Berlin members and current students. Registration is necessary. Please register here.


Location: BCCN Berlin, lecture hall, Philippstr. 13 Haus 6, 10115 Berlin

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