BCCN Retreat 2022

***note this event is for the BCCN Berlin neuroscientific community***

Dear everyone,

this year's BCCN retreat will take place from 6th-8th of September 2022. The beautiful Schloss Tornow and the surrounding lakes are waiting for us: inspirational talks, creating and learning together, outdoor games, canoeing, BBQ and singing at the campfire.

With this email we would like to encourage every MSc student, PhD student, postdoc, BCCN associate and all other interested junior scientists to register for our retreat and mark the date in their calendars. Please also pass this invitation on to other Berlin Neuroscientists who might be interested in joining our retreat.

Registration is open until 30th of July. To register, please follow the link and fill in the form:

Click here for the Registration Form

If you have any questions or would like to help organize this event, please contact us.

All the best,

Carina, Sophie, Kai, Larissa



### More on the BCCN retreat ###

What: The annual BCCN retreat is THE event to spent time with fellow BCCN juniors and other neuroscientists to meet people, exchange ideas, and enjoy a few days of science, fun, and relaxation away from Berlin. Activities include talks, fun group projects, games, canoeing, BBQ, sitting by the fire, Volleyball, and more.

When: 6-8 September 2022

Where: Schloss Tornow, Fürstenberg/Havel. A beautiful spot, about 1.5 hours outside Berlin; www.schloss-tornow.de

Program: Details will come soon

  • Scientific keynotes

  • Student symposia

  • Canoeing

  • Workshops (e.g. on Impro Theater, Gamification and Storytelling)

  • Unconference and poster session

Costs: 20€ for members/associates of BCCN and GRK + train ticket.


Please register until 30th of July:

Click here for the Registration Form



Location: Schloß Tornow, Brandenburg

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