Gina Grünhage (Alumni Lecture Series): How to be successful outside of academia


We invite to our next alumni lecture series. Jan Ostermann (née Herding), Machine Learning Engineer at Tiplu GmbH and right after him Gina Grünhage,

will give a lecture and talk shortly about their career paths.

After the talks we will organize a social with pizza and beer.


Did the title catch your attention? Are you contemplating leaving university and finding a 'real' job? Do you attend talks where they talk about the 'real' world – the one beyond publications and academia? Do you also wish you had a place there? But you have no idea what's the right job for you? I felt the same way. Then, something very unexpected happened. I had a stroke of good fortune. If you're not one of those who prefer leaving their life to chance, then hear me out. I will tell you the THREE THINGS you need to know to thrive beyond academia.


Guests are welcome!


Organized by

Margret Franke/Lisa Velenosi

This alumni lecture series is financially supported by our Einstein Foundation Doctoral Program Computational Neuroscience.

Location: BCCN Berlin, Philippstr. 13 Haus 6, 10115 Berlin - lecture hall 9

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