Nadine Heere: Designing a Durable EEG Phantom - Modelling Various Anisotropic Skull Regions

BCCN Berlin / Technische Universität Berlin




Electrical head phantoms offer a unique possibility for testing and evaluating EEG hard- and software via an approximations of the living human head. While primitive phantoms, such as melons or water filled containers, are already widely used, building a phantom head that accurately mimics the complex properties of a human head is no trivial matter.

This thesis aims to develop the basics for a durable head phantom that models the various regions of the skull with their individual anisotropic properties. For this scripts were written to automatically generate 3D printable models, based on the results of various anatomical studies, allowing for dynamic modifications and a locally controllable anisotropy of the skull. Materials were analysed with regards to their electrical properties and general suitability to build a durable phantom. Finally, the fabrication process was optimized by adapting the various print parameters to allow for an easy reproduction of the model.

In the end the tools for a 3D printed phantom were developed, which only requires commercially available printing materials and simple NaCl-solutions.

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Master Thesis Defense


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Prof. Klaus Obermayer   & Prof. Benjamin Blankertz   / Lisa Velenosi

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