Graduate Programs

We aim at fostering a new generation of scientists who have been trained in both mathematical / computational skills and neuroscientific methodologies. Therefore, the Bernstein Center Berlin has set up two international, interdisciplinary graduate programs:

→ Master Program
→ Doctoral Program



The Ingredients of Decision Making  

The new "Decision Circuits Lab" under the direction of Torben Ott at the Bernstein Center Berlin explores fundamental questions about how the brain implements decisions - using experiments, theory and esprit.


Die Zutaten der Entscheidungsfindung

Das neue „Decision Circuits Lab“ um Torben Ott am Bernstein Zentrum Berlin geht grundsätzlichen Fragen nach, wie Entscheidungen im Gehirn vollzogen werden – mit Experiment, Theorie und Esprit.



Ausgewählte Vorträge unserer Vortragsreihe können jetzt im Vimeo Channel des BCCN Berlin gehört und angesehen werden. Es handelt sich um Aufnahmen der jeweiligen Live Streams.

Selected presentations can now be watched on the Vimeo Channel of the BCCN Berlin. These are recordings of the respective live streams. All presentations are in English.




The Bernstein Center Berlin was founded in 2004 and addresses one of the most challenging questions in computational and cognitive neuroscience:

“How is it possible that we can react to sensory stimuli with millisecond precision if intermediate processing elements – on the level of single synapses, single neurons, small networks and even large neural systems – vary significantly in their response to the same repeated stimulus?”

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