Graduate Programs

We aim at fostering a new generation of scientists who have been trained in both mathematical / computational skills and neuroscientific methodologies. Therefore, the Bernstein Center Berlin has set up two international, interdisciplinary graduate programs:

→ Master Program
→ Doctoral Program


Susanne Schreiber will be supported as an Einstein Professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the BCCN Berlin. With this additional funding from the Einstein Foundation, Schreiber, an expert in theoretical neurophysiology, will now continue her research here in Berlin instead of accepting the offer from an university abroad.

Susanne Schreiber wird ihre Forschung zur neuronalen Informationsverarbeitung als künftige Einstein-Professorin an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin und am BCCN Berlin fortführen. Durch die großzügige Förderung durch die Einstein Stiftung konnte die Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin die Bleibeverhandlungen zu ihren Gunsten entscheiden und die Expertin im Gebiet theoretische Neurophysiologie davon abhalten, einen Ruf an eine andere Universität anzunehmen.


We are happy to welcome our two new members at the BCCN Berlin.

Anna investigates nonlinear dynamical systems and neuronal networks at the TU Berlin.

Fatma's research includes the theory-driven understanding of language processing in the brain by using neuroimaging and predictive modeling approaches..


Thomas Christophel has just started his lab with his Emmy-Noether Grant "Distributed Cognition and Working Memory" at the BCCN Berlin and the Institute for Psychology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Research focus is the storage of short-term memory contents and their use for decision-making.



The Bernstein Center Berlin was founded in 2004 and addresses one of the most challenging questions in computational and cognitive neuroscience:

“How is it possible that we can react to sensory stimuli with millisecond precision if intermediate processing elements – on the level of single synapses, single neurons, small networks and even large neural systems – vary significantly in their response to the same repeated stimulus?”

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Mailing Lists

The BCCN Berlin maintains several mailing lists to ensure that relevant information, events, and talks are distributed to the appropriate audiences.

The BCCN_Talks-list informs the scientific community about scientific talks, events, and other interesting news. To join, please send an email with your name and scientific affiliation to: margret.franke (at) bccn-berlin (dot) de.