Current Members



Name Affiliation Working Group
Anne Beck HMU Health and Medical University Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Peter beim Graben BTU Cottbus Communication Technology
Felix Blankenburg FU Berlin Neurocomputation and Neuroimaging
Benjamin Blankertz TU Berlin Neurotechnology
Nils Blüthgen Charité Computational Modeling in Medicine
Stephan Brandt Charité Vision and Motor System
Michael Brecht HU Berlin Animal Physiology/Systems Neurobiology and Neural Computation
Radoslaw Cichy FU Berlin Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition
Thomas Christophel HU Berlin Distributed Cognition and Working Memory
Gabriel Curio Charité Neurophysics
Camin Dean DZNE Synaptic Dysfunction
Fatma Deniz TU Berlin & UC Berkeley tba
Livia de Hoz Charité Sensory Gating and Subcortico-Cortical Interactions
Tobias Donner UK Hamburg Eppendorf Neuromodulation of Cortical Dynamics and Decision Computations
Jens Dreier Charité Translational Stroke Research
Ralf Engbert Universität Potsdam Experimental and Biological Psychology
Elisa Filevich HU Berlin Metacognition of Movements
Tengis Gloveli Charité Cellular & Network Physiology
Klaus Gramann TU Berlin Biological Psychology and Neuroergonomics
Robert Gütig Charité Mathematical Modeling of Neural Learning
Matthias Haberl Charité Neuroscience - Images - Data Science
Verena Hafner HU Berlin Adaptive Systems
Fred Hamker Universität Chemnitz Model-driven Approach to Visual Perception & Cognition
Stefan Haufe Charité Brain and Data Science
John-Dylan Haynes Charité Theory and Analysis of Large-Scale Brain Signals
Andreas Heinz Charité Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Hanspeter Herzel Charité Theoretical Chronobiology
Benjamin Judkewitz Charité Deep Imaging, Brain-wide Circuits, Neurophotonics
Richard Kempter HU Berlin Theoretical Neuroscience
Ursula Koch FU Berlin Neurophysiology
Achim Kramer Charité Biological Rhythms
Jens Kremkow Charité Dynamics of Neuronal Networks, Processing of Early Visual System
Andrea Kühn Charité Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation
Jürgen Kurths PIK Complexity Science & Nonlinear Dynamics
Matthew Larkum HU Berlin Cellular Mechanisms Linking Sensory Information with Previous Experience
Gary Lewin MDC Molecular Basis of Somatic Sensation
Benjamin Lindner HU Berlin Theory of Complex Systems and Neurophysics
Marianne Maertens TU Berlin Computational Psychology
Anna Mandel-Zakharova TU Berlin Nonlinear Dynamics in Complex Networks
Christian Meisel Charité Computational Neurology
Marina Mikhaylova HU Berlin Optobiology
Klaus-Robert Müller TU Berlin Machine Learning
Wolf-Julian Neumann Charité Movement Disorders
Vadim Nikulin Charité Neural Interactions and Dynamics
Klaus Obermayer TU Berlin Neural Information Processing
Torben Ott HU Berlin Neuromodulators of Decision-Making
So Young Park DIFE & Charité Decision Neuroscience and Nutrition
Martin Riemer TU Berlin Biopsychology and Neuro-Ergonomics
Kerstin Ritter Charité Machine Learning Applied to Clinical Neuroscience
Petra Ritter Charité Brain Simulation
Martin Rolfs HU Berlin Active Perception and Cognition
Pawel Romanczuk HU Berlin Collective Information Processing
Nina Romanczuk-Seiferth Charité Emotional Neuroscience & Behavioral Addictions
Florian Schlagenhauf Charité Psychotic Disorders, Learning & Cognition
Dietmar Schmitz Charité Synapses & Neural Circuits in Health and Disease
Susanne Schreiber HU Berlin Computational Neurophysiology
Nicolas Schuck MPI Berlin Neural and Computational Basis of Learning, Memory, and Decision Making
Tilo Schwalger TU Berlin Computational Neuroscience & Data assimilation
Stephan Sigrist FU Berlin Genetics
Surjo Soekadar Charité Translation and Neurotechnology & Clinical Neurotechnology
Henning Sprekeler TU Berlin Modeling of Cognitive Processes
Wilhelm Stannat TU Berlin Mathematics & Stochastic Processes
Silvia Viana da Silva DZNE & Charité Cellular Circuits of Memory
Imre Vida Charité Integrative Neuroanatomy
Henrik Walter Charité Mind & Brain
Nikolaus Wenger Charité Translational Neuromodulation