Alumni Doctoral Program

Name Thesis Topic
Guillermo Aguilar Sensory underdetermination and the interplay between sensory features studied in the domains of lightness and depth perception
Davide Bernardi Detecting single-cell stimulation in recurrent networks of integrate-and-fire neurons
Torsten Betz The computational role of cortical feedback in the domain of lightness perception
Sinem Balta Beylergil Computational modeling of reversal learning in alcohol use disorder
Felix Bießmann Data-driven analysis for multimodal neuroimaging
Duncan Blythe Modelling and connectivity for nonstationary neural data
Jan Clemens Neural computation in small sensory systems – Lessons on sparse and adaptive coding
Susana Contreras Effects of ionic concentration dynamics on neuronal activity
Sven Dähne Multimodal and multivariate machine learning methods for nonlinearly coupled oscillatory systems
Shankar Deepak Srinivasan Representation, inference, and learning on structured data
Hannah Dold On modeling data from visual psychophysics: A Bayesian graphical model approach
Christian Donner Bayesian inference of inhomogeneous point process models
José R. Donoso Leiva Theoretical analysis of hippocampal memory formation
Felix Droste Signal processing and signal gating  in stochastic neurons with short-term plasticity
Tommaso Fedele High frequency EEG: Noninvasive detection of spike-related brain activity
Felix Franke Real-time analysis of extracellular multielectrode recordings
Alexander Genauck Decision-making and its modulation by cues in addictive disorder
Kai Görgen On rules and methods: Neural representations of complex time sets and related methodological contributions
Gina Grünhage Computational tools for model analysis
Matthias Guggenmos Reward-dependent perceptual learning
Rong Guo Expectation, value and attention in human visual cortex
Kerstin Hackmack Decoding multiple sclerosis and related disease parameters using structural brain MRI and multivariate analysis algorithms
Joachim Haenicke Modeling insect inspired mechanisms of learning and decision making
Christopher Häusler Processing of dynamic stimuli in the visual cortex
Jan Herding Models of somesthesis
Janina Hesse Neuronal morphology and its influence on computational properties
Raphael Holca-Lamarre Task-adaptable sensory representations
Andre Holzbecher Function of interneuronal gap junctions in hippocampal sharp wave-ripples
Jorge Jaramillo Hippocampal phase precession: Coding and network oscillatory activity
Zampeta Kalogeropoulou Modeling the role of feature-based attention in active vision
Veronika Koren Coding of low-dimensional variables with spiking neural networks
Alexander von Lautz How brain rhythms guide memory and decisions
Eduard Maier Structure-function analysis of somatosensory nose and whisker representations
Caroline Mattis Neurobehavioural patterns of alcohol abuse in adolescence
Gundula Meckenhäuser Modeling object recognition and decision making in the auditory system of crickets
Achim Meyer  
Robert Meyer Correlations and coding in primary visual cortex
Yulia Oganian Decision processes in bilingual language perception
Arno Onken Stochastic analysis of neural spike count dependencies
Franziska Oschmann Computational modelling of glutamate-induced calcium signal generation and propagation in astrocytes
Evren Pamir From behavioral plasticity to neuronal computation: An investigation of associative learning in the honeybee brain
Anne Porbadnigk EEG-based quality assessment
Robert Pröpper The neural code of visual working memory
Frederic A. Roemschied Temperature dependence of auditory computation in insect nervous systems
Thomas Rost Cortical information processing under non-stationary network state conditions
Wojciech Samek Classification of single trial EEG in non-stationary environments
Jan-Hendrik Schleimer Spike statistics and coding properties of phase models - From ion channels to neural coding
Timo Schmidt Modeling the spatiotemporal neuronal dynamics of conscious tactile information processing
Vinzenz Schönfelder Identification of stimulus cues in tone-in-noise detection with sparse logistic regression
Joram Soch Model Selection for General Linear Models in fMRI Data Analysis
Bernard Sonnenschein Neurodynamics in complex networks
Alex Kunze Susemihl Optimal population coding of dynamic stimuli
Armin Thomas Machine learning methods for modeling gaze allocation in simple choice behavior and functional neuroimaging data on the level of the individual
Rekha Varrier The Effects of Corrupted Feedback on Visual Perception
Sergej Voronenko Non-linear coding of time-dependent signals by spiking neurons
Evelin Wacker Tactile feature processing and attentional modulation in the human somatosensory system
Katharina Wilmes Effects of inhibition on dendritic signal propagation
Chang Yan Neural Representation of Working Memory Contents at Different Levels of Abstraction
Ulrike Ziehm Intensity invariant coding in a feed forward network