List of Principal Investigators for Pre-Doc internships 2023


These principle investigators have capacity to host an intern (possible intern topics are listed below the names):


Matthias Haberl (Neuroscience-Images- Data Science)

  • Applied deep learning for data analysis in neuroscience


Marian Mikhalova (Optobiology)

  • Topic will follow - please contact her directly for more information


Martin Rolfs (Active Perception and Cognition)

  • Perception of self-induced visual motion
  • Malleability of eye movement vigor


Klaus Obermayer (Neural Information Processing)

  • Modelling the interaction between slow oscillations and sleep spindles in whole-brain models with subcortical areas
  • Optimizing in-silico whole-brain tCS stimulation with machine learning techniques


Susanne Schreiber (Computational Neurophysiology)

  • possible topic will follow; take a look on their website for information about their research


Henrik Walter (Mind and Brain)

  • Precision psychiatry: Predicting clinically relevant outcomes with neuroimaging data using machine learning. Experience in machine learning/coding is required.



More PIs will be added.

You are welcome to contact other BCCN Member labs and ask if they would host you.