Enrollment fees

No tuition fees are charged for our graduate programs. However, upon enrollment you have to pay a fee per semester that is composed of the social contribution to the student union, a contribution to the student body and the enrollment fee. Furthermore, this fee includes  a public transport ticket which is valid for the whole semester (=6 months) in Berlin ABC incl. bike transportation. This adds up to approx. € 307.

Doctoral students: The BCCN doctoral program also requires that you enroll as a PhD student, if possible. Doctoral students can either hold a scholarship or a position in the research group they work in.

Housing & Living

Your expenses for housing and living in Berlin will depend on your life style and personal preferences. Figure an average of € 300-400 for your housing and € 200 to € 400 for your living expenses (depends on the city area you want to live in and your personal needs).

Health Insurance

Master students: If you are not insured through a private health insurance in your home country and if you are not an EU citizen or you do not come from a country that has signed a social security agreement with Germany, you need to figure approximately € 92 per month for basic student health insurance coverage.

Doctoral students have to estimate at least € 100 per month for health insurance coverage. Whether doctoral students are better off as members of a statuary or a private health insurance depends on their status, i.e. whether they are scholarship holders or have a position as research assistant. Please seek individual advice at the coordination office.


Type Average per semester
Matriculation fees € 307
Housing € 2400
Living € 1800
Health insurance (if applicable) € 480
€ 4987

Financial Aid

Master students: The Bernstein Center offers research assistantships to gifted students to integrate them early on in research groups. Positions are opened by responsible groups' heads and not by the BCCN administration directly. Interested students have to file their application to the group’s head who decides upon acceptance. Working hours range between 41h/month (more common) and 80h/month, paid € 10,98,- per hour. Further funding opportunities are offered by: DAAD, Deutschlandstipendium, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.


We strongly recommend to make sure that you can support yourself financially throughout your studies before applying to the program. Only PhD candidates whose financial situation is secured are admitted to the program.