Postdocs from some of your favorite labs are organizing a new type of talk series. In order to foster the exchange of ideas and networking with groups outside of Berlin, we have invited external postdocs and advanced PhD students to give brief presentations (~25 minutes) about their research. They will be paired with a local Berlin speaker working on something similar, who will also present for ~25 minutes. We hope the juxtaposition of different approaches to a common topic, explained directly by the people who are currently conducting the research, will give the audience and the speakers themselves a deeper perspective and encourage discussion. For all BCCN Master and PhD students, and of course postdocs, this is an opportunity to hear about the variety of Neuroscience research taking place in Berlin, to network with early career researchers from around the world (who might be more accessible than PIs), to become more engaged at talks by asking questions and giving feedback in a relaxed environment, and to sharpen your own presentation skills. Because we want it to be a social science event, rather than a lecture-style talk, we will be providing pizza and drinks afterwards. The events will take place generally on the last Wednesday of the month from 4-5:30pm, unless there is a scheduling conflict with the other BCCN speaker series.



Schedule for 2024:

May 29, 2024: Katie Ferguson and Alexandra Tzilivaki (Mostafa, Loreen, Greg)

June 19, 2024: Yves Bernaerts and Paul Pfeiffer (Host: Louisiane)

August 28, 2024: Saikat Ray and Ahana Aurora Fernandez (Host: Miguel)

September 25, 2024: Irene Onorato and Jeremie Sibille (Host: Greg)

October 30, 2024: Mohamady El-Gaby and Mostafa Nashaat (Host: Mostafa)

November 27, 2024: Tom George and Ikhwan Khalid (Host: Loreen)